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Help ensure individuals have the right to choose Christian SRE

Your gift today will help uphold the essential choice of Christian SRE in NSW public schools, and defend SRE from those who want to remove an individual’s right to choose.

Your support will also help us print and distribute more Christian SRE brochures, giving NSW parents an opportunity to discover the many benefits of Christian SRE for their children.

Whether it’s choosing to learn about Christian ethics, or about big topics such as self-image and biblical worldviews, your support will help ensure children continue to have the freedom to think for themselves as they question, explore and discover through SRE.

And with vocal opponents trying to remove parents’ rights to choose SRE for their children, your support will help defend the vital choice of SRE in NSW public schools.

Thank you for giving generously below – we’re grateful for your support to ensure we all retain the right to choose Christian SRE in NSW.

Because faith is an individual thing.