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How does SRE work?

Special Religious Education (SRE) – or Scripture as it was known in the past – allows students in NSW public schools to question, explore and make important discoveries about life and the relevance of Christian faith, hope and love. The NSW Education Act (1990) provides opportunity for this learning, and it is your right as a parent to know how SRE/Scripture will be delivered and who will be delivering it.

Who teaches SRE?

Only a representative from an Education Department approved provider of SRE can teach SRE. Approved providers are churches or denominations who train and authorise teachers so that the Education Department can maintain their ‘duty of care’ to a wide variety of students in their schools. The process for authorising Christian SRE teachers ensures that students learn from trained and engaging teachers. You can read more about our scripture teachers here.

What does a SRE lesson look like?

Our SRE curricula have been designed to help children discover for themselves as they explore the Christian faith in their lessons. Encouraging students to ask questions is an important part of our approach, and lessons may include stories, games, music and plenty of discussion.

What will my child be taught about Christianity?

The SRE curricula used by our Christian teachers are based on the common core beliefs of the Christian faith centring on the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Teachers from Christian churches and denominations agree to teach a common curriculum that focuses on the essentials of the Christian faith and the impact these beliefs have had on our society and the world. If you would like more detail about the content of a specific curriculum, you can follow the links on our curriculum page. If you are unsure which curriculum is being used at your child’s school, contact the school directly and they can obtain the information for you.