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Our Approach

Our approach to Christian religious education involves helping students pass through three important learning steps:

Christian SRE


We believe asking questions is the key to learning. Our teachers aim to build an environment of trust, where students are encouraged to ask questions about the Christian faith and its relevance to life.

Christian SRE


Students are encouraged to explore questions of faith, life and values in relation to their own personal beliefs and the broader worldviews found in society today as well as in the past. This exploration brings deeper comprehension.

Christian SRE


Discovery is when knowledge and information come alive. When students draw their own conclusions about faith, values and the place of Christianity in society, they can make decisions about life and how they feel it should be lived.

Underpinning our approach to Christian religious education is a supportive framework which ensures:

  • Teachers and Co-ordinators of Christian SRE receive training, curriculum materials, and access to resources, information and support to help them in their roles;
  • Parents are informed about how Christian SRE works and what they can expect when their child attends Christian SRE; and
  • Schools are aware of the requirements of SRE and their options for implementing it.