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SRE in Primary Schools

Christian SRE (aka Scripture) in primary schools

In many primary schools, a student in Christian SRE will be in a “combined arrangement”, a term the Department of Education uses for SRE classes where several Christian faiths combine their teachers to deliver a common curriculum.

The local representatives of Department approved SRE providers, like the ministers or priests or leaders, agree amongst themselves how they will combine their volunteer teachers and what common curriculum they will use. Often this arrangement is managed by a local Christian SRE Coordinator appointed by the representatives. The school is provided with the contact details of the local Christian SRE Coordinator who would welcome parents and caregivers interest in the program.

The Christian SRE teachers understand that they represent a variety of Christian faiths and that what they teach is commonly agreed. This arrangement doesn’t prevent a faith making a special time when their students are taught the distinctives of that Christian faith.

The Department’s RE Implementation Procedures allow for a face-to-face teaching time of at least 30 minutes per week. Schools integrate this time into their timetable around other scheduled classes and events. Where possible, most schools have 8-9 weeks each term when SRE is taught.

Students whose parents don’t want them to participate in SRE are given other meaningful work to do in another location during the SRE time.

Christian SRE teachers should use a curriculum. The common curricula used in primary schools are listed on this page. Teachers are encouraged to enrich their lessons with other appropriate resources.

SRE assemblies are often used to bring a whole year or stage together for a special event designed to enhance one of the outcomes expected from the curriculum.

The Department approves “providers” of SRE and a list of approved providers can be viewed from the link at the bottom of this page from their site. Annually providers give the Department an assurance that their teachers are trained and their Working with Children Check number has been verified.