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SRE Teacher Requirements

The process for appointing Christian SRE teachers ensures school children are receiving Christian religious education from trained, professional and well-resourced educators.

Prospective SRE teachers must be authorised by an official Department of Education approved SRE provider.

This authorisation will only occur when they meet specific requirements with regard to teacher training, child safety and use of an authorised curriculum. These requirements go beyond the Department of Education basic requirements for SRE teachers.

Teacher Training:

SRE teachers appointed by Christian SRE providers must have completed teacher training, including a minimum of one unit of study on classroom management.

SRE teachers must also undertake specific training, known as “Basic SRE Teacher Training”, which is delivered by several providers.

One training option for SRE teachers under combined arrangements  is to complete the training online via the Timothy Partnership.

Child Safety:

SRE teachers must have a verified and current Working with Children Check, issued by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian, and carry a card confirming this when on a school premises.

SRE teachers must also have undertaken recognised child protection training, preferably through the “Safe Churches” framework, with refresher training required every three years.

Christian SRE providers will only authorise SRE teachers who are endorsed by the leaders of a local church or faith community, who know the character of the prospective teacher first hand.


SRE teachers must use a curriculum approved by a provider. These chosen curricula encourage students to question, explore and discover the Christian faith, in an age appropriate and engaging way, while recognising a variety of learning styles.