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What is SRE?

Special Religious Education (SRE) allows students in NSW public schools to question, explore and make important discoveries about the Christian faith.

Christian SRE

It’s specialised.

Christian SRE is about the essentials of the Christian faith and their significance for life, delivered by teachers from the Christian faiths. This “Special” religious education is different to “General” religious education which is provided by school teachers and covers a variety of religious beliefs. SRE SRE allows children to delve deeper, and discover meaningful conclusions as they explore the Christian faith with specialised Christian teachers.

Christian SRE

It’s beneficial.

Christian SRE provides students with the opportunity to learn through exploring the Christian faith and considering what it means to them. They will reflect on life and how they feel it should be lived, and in the process, will discover more about the values and beliefs underpinning much of the history, laws and values of Australia. Christian SRE is about personal exploration, but it also contributes to key learning areas such as geography, history and literacy.

Christian SRE

It’s delivered by approved providers.

The Department of Education requires that SRE only be delivered by ‘approved providers’. These are churches or religious organisations who have been granted permission to authorise SRE teachers to deliver SRE in local schools on their behalf. All member churches of CSRE are approved providers and our teachers work to strict requirements.

When a CSRE-appointed teacher delivers SRE, parents and schools can trust the students in their care will receive high quality, engaging and beneficial teaching, as they question, explore and discover the Christian faith.