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What is the value of SRE/Scripture?

There are many reasons why Christian SRE/scripture is beneficial for students, from both a personal and educational perspective.


In learning about the Bible, Jesus, God’s plan and Christian values through SRE/Scripture students can:

  • Have the freedom to ask questions and make important discoveries about themselves and their personal beliefs;
  • Gain insights into the morals and values of society, and explore their own response to them;
  • Discover the depth of God’s love for them, and consider how they might treat others in response to this love;
  • Receive teaching from older Christian mentors who are appropriate role models; and
  • Grow in their personal Christian faith.


While the purpose of scripture is to help children explore the Christian faith, SRE/Scripture contributes to a child’s broader education in a variety of ways:

  • PDHPE: During SRE/Scripture students question and explore their own values and beliefs, as well as those underpinning our society. This contributes to many key learning areas in the PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) syllabus with regard to understanding and valuing oneself and others, and making responsible lifestyle decisions.
  • HSIE, History and Geography: In SRE/Scripture, students will discover the link between Christianity and our past and present values, morals and laws, as well as learn about history through the Bible. This directly relates to many key learning areas in the NSW and Australian curriculum, including topics such as change and continuity, the past and the present, Australian, world and global history.
  • English/Literacy: Our Question-Explore-Discover approach encourages students to think critically and draw their own conclusions. This enhances communication skills and contributes to literacy.
  • Creative Arts: Through music, games, art, craft and drama, students will discover the Christian faith in ways that encourage creativity and enhance creative arts educational outcomes.