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Who are we?

CSRE (aka Scripture) is about delivering Christian special religious education in NSW public schools that teaches children to question, explore and discover the Christian faith.

Behind CSRE is a group of churches who are passionate about ensuring children in NSW schools receive relevant and engaging Christian religious education from trained, professional and well-resourced teachers.

CSRE member churches are united behind a commitment to high quality, Bible-based curriculum, and the SRE teachers and coordinators they appoint are held to specific requirements and standards.

The CSRE approach is to provide special religious education for students that:

  • encourages them to ask QUESTIONS about the Christian faith and its relevance to life;
  • enables them to EXPLORE their own personal beliefs and the broader worldviews in our society; and
  • helps them DISCOVER their own conclusions about faith, values and Christianity.

For further information about the churches who together form CSRE, click here.