Christian SRE is a collaboration between a large number of the Christian Special Religious Education providers in NSW. Our aim is to support and encourage exceptional delivery of religious education on the Christian faith in NSW public schools. 

And we do it all for one reason. Because of what we believe. That within the educational system, every individual has the right to also study their religion. And it’s why we, at Christian SRE exist. That in partnership with government-approved providers, students can learn about the Christian faith through a curriculum that encourages them to question, explore and discover it for themselves.

For when they choose to know more, they have a right of choice. Because when it comes to faith, it’s an individual thing.



Asking questions is the key to learning.

Students are encouraged to ask questions about the Christian faith and its relevance to life. Questions begin the journey to knowledge and understanding.



Exploration brings deeper comprehension.

Students are encouraged to explore questions of faith, life and values in relation to their own personal beliefs and the broader worldviews found in society today, and in the past. Exploration promotes learning that is relevant.



Discovery leads to meaningful conclusions.

When students draw their own conclusions about the Christian faith and it’s values they can make decisions about life and how it should be lived. Discovery is when questions and exploration come alive.

"SRE gives young people the chance to ask big picture questions about our world and work out what they believe for themselves."

- Murray Norman

"Scripture provides for the spiritual side of my kid’s education, making school a more holistic learning environment."

- Vanessa Stuckings