SRE Requirements in Schools

NSW public schools are required by law to allow time for children to receive instruction in their religious persuasion. Our Question+Explore+Discover approach brings Christian SRE to schools in a student led, engaging and appropriate way.

All schools have certain responsibilities with regard to how SRE must be conducted. When choosing for their child to attend SRE, parents have the right to certain expectations which must be met by the school.

A school’s responsibilities

  • Schools must ensure SRE takes place within school hours.
  • A child must not miss out on any academic instruction or formal activities, therefore the school must ensure these are not scheduled during SRE.
  • SRE must be delivered by an approved provider. In many cases, approved providers will work together to ensure an effective delivery of SRE to local schools.
  • Further information about SRE implementation requirements can be found here.

A parent’s rights

  • Parents have the right for their children to attend SRE of their religious persuasion, providing a teacher of that persuasion is available to deliver SRE.
  • Parents have the right to know how SRE will be delivered, and which religious persuasion or grouping or SRE providers will be delivering it.
  • Parents have the right to choose for their child not to attend SRE.

Looking for Christian SRE teachers?

  • Our members work with approved SRE providers in local areas to make quality Christian SRE available in public schools.
  • SRE teachers authorised by our CSRE members must meet specific requirements, to ensure the highest standard of SRE teaching in schools.



Our Curriculum

The curricula used by our scripture teachers reflect a learning and teaching style that encourages students to question, explore and discover the Christian faith.

Primary Curriculum

At a local level, Department approved SRE providers determine the curriculum which will be used by their authorised SRE teachers. Most often, this will be one of the following:



Produced by CEP (Christian Education Publications), Connect encourages students to ask questions while exploring bible truths through music, drama, reading and writing, puzzle solving and drawing.




Produced in conjunction with the Baptist churches of NSW and ACT, Godspace is a relevant and engaging curriculum which takes a relational approach to exploring the Christian faith.


Access Ministries


The Access curriculum helps students discover God through stories and passages from the Bible, and then explore their relevance to life.



Christ our Light and Life

This is a Roman Catholic curriculum, designed to incorporate a variety of teaching methods and encourage students to explore their faith in the context of a lifelong journey.


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